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Hi, I'm a Berlin based comic-artist. I self-publish zines and Tijuana Bibles and sell them in hand-picked shops in Berlin, Europe, Asia and the USA.

was a member of chicks on comics and the singer/songwriter/guitarist of Tittenbonus. From 2009 to 2014 I ran the blog comic-sport and before studying fine art I also made animated films.

I contributed to anthologies such as kuš, KUTI and Ethical Sloth and did the mini-zine Edward Hopper on Foodstamps for Re:Surgo!.

Currently I'm working on a Tijuana Bible about Max Ernst, which will debut at HOT OFF THE PRESS in Seattle. But this is just a little break from the work on my graphic novel, which will be published by avant verlag.

Upcoming events
July 14.
Hot off the Press, Fantagraphics Bookstore, Seattle
July 16. 18:00
Artist Talk, Ada's Lab, Seattle

New retailer
Bolderaja, Riga



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